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Peaceful night! Despite days spent trying to gather the courage to cut out a scene or a paragraph, I just could not do it. Changing the order of the verses may help. Four blocks, one avenue over. Students should spend some time saying aloud, in rhythm, the words they already have written. Creating interest and curiosity is key to keeping the ear of your listeners. While displeased with my living situation, I refused to complain out loud.

In a six-week project, students may only get as far as this, and it is a good achievement if they do. What of an unread novel? Silent night, peaceful night!

Silent night verses

Echoes of desperation linger as the empty track becomes cavernous, suddenly gutted. This verse continues to support the theme of the song. This last one is a strange phenomenon. My twin sister met me at JFK and we went to her place. Encourage students to play different versions of the song to other people — students from other groups for example — whose opinions they trust, and ask for comments. The listener will get confused if you switch it up. It felt strange to be home, but not quite home. Make your opening lines unique, memorable, and interesting enough to accomplish that. Students could be asked to analyse why. But, at this point, encourage students to concentrate on the topic and what arises from it, rather than thinking about the song Students should make a note of all of their ideas, and then go through them and decide which ones to use It is possible that their ideas will be a mixture of words and music or even simply bits of tunes or chord progressions. The first verse had also been cut short, by sudden gunshots, but the deliberate fade in verse two felt like a mystery. Editing became a breeze. We want our solitary efforts to be recognized.

Guiding Star, O lend Thy light! The line between craving validation and desiring visibility is pitifully thin. All that is left is the ticking beat. Between each sentence lay an unbearable indictment on my worth as a writer and as a human being. I found the high point in each sentence and cut them short.

Kendrick spits an intricate tale of loss, rapping in letter form from the perspective of two people whose siblings have died.

This raises the question: what happens when art exists outside the realm of validation? O how bright Silent night!

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