Writing a letter to request a raise

You manager may give you immediate feedback or ask some clarifying questions, but then the approval process takes over.

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Some career experts will tell you that in-person is the only way to go when it comes to negotiating a pay raise. What to say to your boss in your 1-on-1 asking for a raise do this before you send your salary increase letter!

What have you accomplished throughout your tenure with the company?

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Thank you for your time. Ask for a time to discuss your pay raise to get the ball rolling:.

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Here are the basic components you need to ask for a raise. Example: I understand that the business has experienced some challenges as of late. Our experts come from a variety of backgrounds but have one thing in common: they are authorities on the job market. And some companies will grant big raises for exceptional employees. I recommend asking for a raise in person before you send this salary increase letter. What to Include in Your Letter or Email Message Before you even begin writing your letter, make sure that your salary request is reasonable. All you need to do is give your manager a heads-up so they have time to prepare for the discussion and maybe even do some research to see what might be possible. Some companies address employee compensation in small salary increments—a percent or two every now and then—rather than big jumps. You want to keep their goodwill, even if they turn you down. Putting your salary request in writing will help you organize your thoughts and create persuasive arguments for why you deserve a pay increase.

Conduct salary research to determine the appropriate range for your position, experience, and accomplishments. Conduct market research on such free salary websites as salary.

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Below are some highlights of how I have helped the department and the company in the past year: 1.

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The Top Five Things to Put in a Salary Increase Letter