The sky burial a tibetan buddhist funeral tradition

Prayer flags strewn across the hills behind the site of a Tibetan sky burial. By Matthew Carney Updated September 16, Map: China Tibetan Sky Burials is a traditional custom in Tibetan Buddhism to farewell their dead, and these days outsiders are mostly forbidden from witnessing them.

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It is commonly practiced in Nyingchi, southeast of Tibet. Choosing a humble path and honoring nature by feeding their local vultures, some people from the Tibetan culture have preferred to be given a Sky burial ceremony to terminate the existence of their physical bodies. Furiously they picked and tore away at the flesh, fighting amongst themselves in the process. To put it bluntly, a dead body is chopped up into pieces and fed to waiting vultures. The funeral services must follow the rigid hierarchy of ranks, sharp demarcation, and also mainly depends on the divination from Lama. Cliff burial and tree burial are also practiced occasionally. We walked back towards the waking town, prayer flags and cheerful men waving behind us. The following sky burial video may give you a glimpse of the sky funeral in Tibet: Documentary about sky burial in Tibet Well-known Places of Sky Burials in Tibet In fact, there are two well-known destinations for sky burial in Tibet. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. In normal life there are three Bardos the Buddhist experiences: their consciousness when they are awake, when they are meditating, and when they are dreaming. Upon arriving we could hear Tibetan nuns chanting. The barley flour and tea blend absorbs the fluids of the body and makes the skeletal leftovers more appetising for the vultures.

The tower for worship is usually called mourning tower or mourning bone tower. Villagers take the body to the sky burial site by horse or car.

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My kids too, surprisingly, were fine. Immediately the men dropped to their knees and started to dismember the body, determined and methodically. Earth Burial Inhumation To the Tibetans, earth burial is the inferior form. Cliff burial and tree burial are also practiced occasionally.

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It was just too much when the detached head rolled out from the swarm and towards us. The corpse is seated on a stack of wood and straw poured with butter and burned. The ceremonies have recently begun to attract tourists, who take photographs and videos of these burials. Because the bereaved family understands that the spirit will be reborn, they are less attached to the physical body of their loved one. It might sound like an alarming concept for people living in our current society but its values and philosophy are surprisingly beautiful and virtuous. It only took at most 15 minutes and the entire corpse was gone — every last piece of flesh had been seared off and eaten, leaving only the bones behind. View Comments. Thurman Buddhist death rites vary widely by region, culture, class, school, and lineage, but certain elements prevail regardless of tradition: Even in countries where the mortuary industry holds sway, dead bodies are often dressed and attended by family and friends as a way of honoring and guiding the deceased and as a means for survivors to acknowledge the separation of body from the mind at death. These are: Chikhai Bardo at the moment of death, Chonyid Bardo, in which the person experiences visions of Buddha in various forms, and the Sidpa Bardo, which features hallucinations and finishes with rebirth. Colourful Tibetan prayer flags may be used to mark the site of a sky burial, as well as other important places.

Unsplash: Francisco Moreno My kids though seemed to take it in their stride.

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