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Lawrence River. But the recently uncovered pottery is in a style called Border Ware, which is typical of the pottery dug up on Roanoke Island, as well as at Jamestown, but was no longer imported to the New World after the early 17th century, when the Virginia Company dissolved. In Virginia became a royal colony. The effort was, in essence, the Apollo program of Elizabethan England, spanning six years and three major voyages. One team has been excavating at a site on Hatteras Island called Cape Creek, about 50 miles southeast of the Roanoke Island settlement, where they found several European objects that can be traced back to the colonists. The first, in , was a reconnaissance mission. On his return to Roanoke Island three years later, however, he was unable to find any of the settlers, which by that time included his granddaughter Virginia Dare, the first English child born in "the New World. Accounts written by survivors and acquaintances reported that the colonists resorted to cannibalism after all other food sources were exhausted. Later that year, Mr. Established in , the colony was initially the creation of a corporation called the Virginia Company of London. Then It Was Gone. Charles Ewen, who continued Phelps' work after Phelps retired, announced in April that tests revealed the ring to be composed of brass, not gold. Carol Marsh writes another "sort of" mystery.

There was no sign that Grenville's men had ever been there except for human bones that White believed were the remains of one of them, killed by Native Americans. The fleet of six ships would spend the summer of raiding Spanish outposts in the Caribbean, but the flagship Hopewell and the Moonlight would split off to take White to his colony.

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The search mission could not continue given the considerable risk of shipwreck. The fleet departed on May 8.

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InRaleigh was implicated in the Main Plot and arrested for treason against King Jameseffectively ending his Virginia charter. Wahunsenacawh, he claimed, carried out the unprovoked attack at the recommendation of his priests, shortly before the arrival of the Jamestown colonists.

Why their colony ultimately failed is unknown. On January 7,Raleigh approved a corporate charter to found "the Cittie of Raleigh" with White as governor and 12 assistants.

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The first, in , was a reconnaissance mission. The party found fresh tracks in the sand, but were not contacted by anyone. After a difficult journey, White returned to England on November 5, Hover over the map to discover more about the lost colonies. None of the colony's boats could be found along the shore. In , archaeologists from East Carolina University stumbled upon a unique find from early British America: a carat gold signet ring engraved with a lion or horse, believed to date to the 16th century. Over a couple of generations they may have assimilated with the Algonquian-speaking Croatoan people and their English heirlooms would have eventually worn out. If such a site did exist, the theory went, it would have been a reasonable destination for the displaced Roanoke settlers. When he finally managed to land on Roanoke Island three years later, the settlement was deserted. The site was gradually obscured by modern development until J. Smith was unable to locate any of these places. Instead they made enemies of their Native American hosts by assassinating their leader. Since Phelps thought the ring was made of a precious material and likely belonged to the Elizabethan era, he argued it was an important clue. Examining autosomal DNA for this purpose is unreliable, since so little of the colonists' genetic material would remain after five or six generations. If the Lost Colonists left Roanoke for Croatoan in the late s, argues Horton, they might have brought along their most precious objects.

Patches of fertile soil were suitable for growing corn, squash, and beans. My oldest loves these books, so we will continue to read, but I'm not very impressed with this latest one.

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America's Hidden Stories: Mystery at Jamestown