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Another neat feature is the ability to include notes and research materials within your writing programme. Our tools matter. I used to work in an organisation that made a shibboleth of re-drafting.

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Historian Lon Shelby wrote extensively about the building practices of the medieval masons behind the creation of such cathedrals as Chartres, iconic buildings that owe their creation and execution to the specific tools masons adopted for measurement and layout.

Word is fundamentally a tool designed to facilitate the modest changes described by Collier.

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But as my writing got more complicated — longer and filled with more EndNote references — I found Scrivener harder and harder to use. I remember that the record number of re-drafts in that organisation was something like 54 - yes, Michael, if you're reading this, I'm thinking of you - and of course you can have too many - there's a sort of bell-curve of improvement when after a good few revisions the quality of the improvement drops away, and the editorial skill then lies in judging just where the curve is turning down. Interviewer: Was there some technical problem there? My previous post describes how to get a perfectly formatted bibliography with little effort by exporting to OpenOffice, inserting the Zotero bibliography, and then exporting to Word. Unfortunately unless this issues are solved Scrivener is not suitable for academic work beyond the point of a first draft. This too from the quotations is one I've always particularly liked: Ernest Hemingway: I rewrote the ending of A Farewell to Arms, the last page of it, 39 times before I was satisfied. After adding chapter or scene summaries, student writers can alternate views between the manuscript, outline mode and corkboard. Evidence of writers test driving their first word processor is a minor genre in their personal papers. My approach then, is to make a copy of the main parts of the paper in Scrivener and make my edits in that new copy. I may also be jaded because the track changes features in other word processing software is so buggy and slow.

Ultimately, some or all of those comments will lead to changes in your manuscript. Of course, academic writing is different - but not that different. I may also be jaded because the track changes features in other word processing software is so buggy and slow.

Get Published! He just enjoyed seeing the words appear.

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Then there are the tools that support long-form writing while recognizing that long-form work is about more than file size.

Hemingway: Getting the words right.

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