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The only passable program they have is La Casa Student Housing- and even that suffers from the poor executive decision-making process. Guzman noted that in the Latinx community, people often base financial decisions based on how others dealt with a similar situation, not always acknowledging that every situation is different.

Now it helps Chicago residents cope with gentrification in the Pilsen community and beyond by promoting financial wellness and building community wealth.

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This workshop featured Joel Contreras, a private management banker from the mortgage company Neighborhood Loans. A lot of our customers are white, and this is their stop in the morning before getting on the Pink Line for work. In many foreign-born Latinx households, both parents primarily speak Spanish. Census, the share of Hispanic residents living in Pilsen went from 89 percent in to S Census data. Before anything started, everyone introduced themselves with their first memory of savings. I swear, I must have seen at least a million dollars go to complete waste in their education department alone. The unemployment rate of men ages 45 to 54 years in was at 2. They also pay terribly. One of the key ways they do so is through financial workshops, which focus on a variety of money-related themes like helping families avoid going into debt and providing education on what to do in the event of eviction or foreclosure, among other topics. These workshops are meant to prevent that problem. If you're already working here, find the nearest exit and RUN! Couples and single residents attended the November workshop, which was part of a two-part workshop series on home-buying, with a lot of questions to ask. West and central Pilsen have lost more Hispanic households than the east side. Non-family households with two or more people have increased from to from 6.

But over the past two decades, there has been a decline in the Latinx population living in Pilsen, and the rise of whites becoming residents.

For this workshop in particular, attendees not only got financial advice from the workers at The Resurrection Project, but also professional experts that came in to share tips.

This is different — we are being forced out.

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When is the Latino community going to afford that with minimum wage jobs? In many Latinx households, the main provider in the family is male. Census, the share of Hispanic residents living in Pilsen went from 89 percent in to

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