Reduce traffic congestion essay writer

Phal Boramey Med, promotion II should be advertised on television, radio, or magazine in order to deliver to all people in a country. High taxes would generate enough money to make the necessary changes.

It takes more time to travel to the destination and results in less productive activities. Unlike other buses, SB uses electricity instead of patrol for travellers and makes use of the large sizes of solar panels which is above the rooftop, converting sunlight into electricity to function SB Refer to Appendix picture This essay will elaborate on supporting the stance of installing more traffic lights on roads to avoid traffic.

Conclusion Traffic problem is one of the major problems that need serious attention. Thus it is evident that the idea of a no cost travel will not appeal to everyone.

In fact, cars and other transportations increase every day. Excessive traffic due to the increased number of vehicles and lack of parking space has led to this situation in major cities around the world.

reduce traffic congestion essay writer

There should be only one car or two motorbikes in a family. Give your opinion and examples from your own experience. Traffic jam leads to sheer waste of productive time.

how to avoid traffic jams essay
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