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Olive: So that's when you tried to Grandpa: What?

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I had to be okay with not having a family and falling down and getting back up. And you can guess what happens next: wacky adventures.

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Contestant: Are you even allowed back here? Grandpa: [in response to Frank] I'm old! Frank: Those little fuckers, I'm gonna kill them.

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If I want to fly, I'll find a way to fly. Dwayne : [whips out a pen and notebook from his back pocket. Grandpa : Yeah, get me some porn.

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You should be gettin' that young stuff! Olive: So that's when you tried to Frank: Yes you're right. A lotta women. I've got no reason to lie to you. Richard: She's kickin' ass, that's what she's doing. Frank : Well, that makes one of us. I felt like I needed to have a baby and a family.

Frank: Yeah. And fuck the air force academy. Try not.

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Little Miss Sunshine: It’s OK to Not Be OK