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The God Hades then appears to take Diana Trevor's soul, telling her she will be reunited with her husband. A Cyclops grabs Hippolyta, to be his dinner, only to be stopped by Diana.

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Diana then captures them with the Talisman, with Ares taking it as his new pets. In this arc, Diana wore a battle armor version that included a spear, shield, and other weapons. Hippolyta having heard Zeus' summons to Diana arrives on the scene and angrily demands Zeus release her daughter as her own virtue was taken by his son Hercules.

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References are made toward two major events at the time of its publication: Legends and Millennium. Diana finds two patrols she must choose only to be attacked by Echidnaa She-Serpent. After the Amazonian festivities, Hercules kisses Hippolyta before he departs.

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As Diana stands alone, Cheetah appears and attacks her. Hippolyta gave her a warrior's grave, and her patriot markings would become the warrior's grab that Diana would later wear. There is always bright light in the dark. Zeus tells her as a reward of defeating Ares, he will invite her to Mount Olympus to be among the gods in exchange of experiencing the ultimate sharing of flesh with him. Betrayed, Diana is aghast that a woman would be so treacherous to another and leaves in tears. She says her name is Diana My heart is torn apart. Pulled down, Diana uses her spear to kill the creature's heart. I can hear the doctor saying that there is cancer, I have lived for only one month. Hearing a woman's voice, she looks up to see a woman wearing armor similar to hers speaking English. A Cyclops grabs Hippolyta, to be his dinner, only to be stopped by Diana. Regaining her feet, Diana comes face to face with a Seven Headed Hydra Basically, I am doing this so that I derive my motivation and do not adversely affect my life.
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Challenge of the Gods