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The pace of change has been so rapid that the entertainment landscape now looks completely different from even 20 years ago.

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InCBC Films Sales worked hard and made their way to being assimilated as Columbia Pictures Corporation which earned them more money due to the fact that they made another moving picture company. We stream instead of heading to the video or music store There was a time when we needed large VHS and DVD cases to hold our dozens and dozens of movies, and it was absolutely necessary to store every single CD we owned in a zip-up case, or two or three.

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This artist is likely to succeed. That probably plays a role in creating content of that type.

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Luckily, this is great news for you as a consumer! Both in business and society, information technology has an impact on travel, education, healthcare, social and personal communication and entertainment. Here are some ways tech has changed entertainment : Music — One of the industries to really feel the winds of technological change is the music industry. In the early periods and even now, Netflix to an extent relies on the content by the studios and the television networks. They can look at their preferences. Who can take advantage of that and who is going to be the winner remains to be seen, I think. That power has diminished because new technology, new platforms have come in. When the latest Star Wars film came out, they kept putting different trailers out there. How you support the content from your advertising revenue, which used to be the key business revenue earner, is going to be a challenge. Fortunately or unfortunately, these markets tend to draw loyalty. Piracy has come in. If you look at the traditional firms versus some of the new platforms, I think a fundamental difference is that the new platforms are going to data driven decision-making.

Entertainment now contains a wide variety of technologies including television standard or interactivemusic, computers, games consoles, toys and the internet, to name but a few.

Will there be more connectivity within the seat so they can get data when someone sits in the chair to watch a movie? I think maybe 10 years down the line, we are going to see a significant shift.

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They can look at their preferences. This is a major change and one that the music industry is still catching up with in many ways. Creative mediums are now accessible and affordable Making your own film or album used to be an expensive task, and one that requires a host of supporters, technicians and professionals, but not there is an app or software for it. But most of the TV networks are clearly dependent heavily on advertising money. Everyone is a star Do you remember the times when actors were these mysterious objects we only saw every so often? Telang: Totally. Entertainment is more affordable and it complements our demands for instant gratification. It also touches on other involved parties in the management of the media entertainment. Technology has completely changed this in recent years. So they bid for it. However, when cable and satellite TV came along, this all changed, with many people enjoying access to a huge range of channels.

Ramey, In this short paper, I intend to highlight the role of information technology along with the significance of each of its components and how they are interconnected in the overall system.

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