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Their discussion on the voice of Captain Blubber's treasure clanking sounds. And also the answer.

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Four major things. That was beautiful! Jon: Luigi! They eat cheese pizza. I eat it, put it in my mouth 'n' chew! Jon decides to simply bring the explosives over to Ego. Arin is adequately amused by this sound enough to start a monologue that leaves Jon in tears.

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Arin: Hey, how are you today? New Super Mario Bros. Their reaction to the giant snowman's eyes in Freezeezy Peak. They started strong. Entertainment, and especially digital entertainment like YouTube, is a super fast, super crazy, super stressful job. Especially when they work hard to make sure their tour shows and concerts are cheap so as many fans can go as possible. Jon and Arin's discussion of helado ice cream. Wii Jon's anecdote of Arin suddenly realizing that Jon is retarded. This is where a lot of their million viewed videos are from. Arin: Well, at least I did it! Immediately after, Jon is shaking around a bottle of Ramune, causing the ball to noisily rattle around in the bottle. Advertisement: Animal Crossing: City Folk Jon's hypothetical conversation with Rover, if he were to say that the town's name wasn't Athens. But were they correct? Thank you for listening to my TEDTalk.

Jon: Good, and we're done! New Super Mario Bros. Your host, ME! Arin: Hey, how are you today?

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