Essays on pet animals for kids

My favourite pet dog essay

My pet dog Jack is always with me. Since we saw that it digested these things well, we changed its diet. Of all such pets the dog is the most popular. He cannot play ball like before because of his age, but still is a very fast runner. These are all adorable however none can beat the charm of the pet I have. They also love running around the house with me. Tortilla hides beneath the plants whenever it wants a cool atmosphere. His name is Cham. He guards our house. He barks at the strangers. We have a pet dog. I and my sister are extremely fond of it. There are a wide variety of pets which include different species of birds and animals. I am fond of them and cannot let them go out of sight.

We have kept a shallow water bowl so that it can drink water easily. He can hear even the slightest of the sounds.

my pet rabbit essay

He is so much faithful and obedient. It is also easy to maintain its habitat.

Essays on pet animals for kids

I am fond of them and cannot let them go out of sight. It never hurt it. The dog never harms anyone and always loves and respect his master. We have a pet dog. The enclosure is well-ventilated and also well-lit just the way tortoise like it. Quite often they even slept under a chair kept in our backyard. Rocco has two ears, one of his ears is very small and bended as Rocco was involved in a road traffic accident when he was only 4 months old. I often saw these as pets in the movies. Essay on My Pet Dog to words The dog is a very helpful pet animal.

I always take it in my team. We learned the ways to keep them calm and the things that infuriated them. It is also fond of biscuits.

My pet animal essay

His name is Cham. Eating Habits and Behaviour My pet rabbits love eating carrots, grass, basil and various green leafy vegetables. It is great to have pets around. Others who have pets are so fond of them that they cannot bear the very thought of losing them. Essay on My Pet Dog 10 Lines 1. It has a sharp mind and a strong sense of hearing and smelling the things. While my mother was against petting an animal especially rabbits, she soon grew fond of them.

I call it Jack. When I expressed my wish to pet a monkey my parents laughed at the thought and dismissed it stating it was a vague demand.

my pet dog essay for class 6

He just loves going out for a walk, especially in the Naidu Garden, because Naidu Garden hosts a lot of flowers and a beautiful jungle gym. Tom is very strong and intelligent. My mother also trims their nails every once in a while to ensure hygiene.

essay on my pet dog for class 10

Not only does one have to pay more attention towards their cleanliness and hygiene but their shedding also creates a lot of mess around the house.

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Long and Short Essay on My Pet Animal for Children and Students