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But some Republicans see its merit, too. A path that may prove easier makes use of state legislation.

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But in the s the Democratic Party embraced racial equality. Appropriations: Before the elections, Congress passed and the president signed five of the 12 annual spending bills into law accompanied by a continuing resolution CR extending government funding for all other agencies through December 7.

Today the 13 most densely populated states have Democratic House members and 73 Republican ones; the remainder have Republicans and 72 Democrats.

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Over the generation which followed, the Republicans were able to take the South from it. How this argument fares has yet to be seen. This shifting of demographics meant that the state was expected to stay Democrat this time around, with polls showing Clinton eight points clear of Trump at the end of October. County Impact: In the debate over immigration reform, the county perspective is often overlooked; yet, from an operational and managerial standpoint, counties are central players. But to achieve its goals it would need to be upheld by the Supreme Court. It also tends to ensure that candidates acceptable to a broad swathe of voters are rewarded for that breadth. Support Policies to Promote Mental Health, Substance Abuse Treatment and Justice Reform NACo supports measures that enhance the ability of counties to prevent and treat mental illness and substance use disorders, both in the community and within the context of the criminal justice system. States vote in the college in proportion to their combined representation in both houses of Congress. To this end they created a system in which distinct branches and levels of government provided checks and balances on each other. While the Trump Administration has taken some actions through executive orders, including limiting travel from certain countries and adjusting the asylum process, wholesale changes to the immigration system require legislative action from Congress. Counties are central to the development and maintenance of the national infrastructure network, including surface transportation, rail, ports, hospitals, schools and other economic development. While the select committee did not have the authority to take legislative action on bills, it did convene hearings to study our changing climate and its impacts on the nation. Parties try to become strong, and remain strong, for perfectly understandable political reasons. House Democrats will hope to advance a package reflecting their priority in the first half of , and the administration is also expected to review and refresh the proposal they put forward next year.

Absent that wild card, though, most efforts at reform are aimed below the constitutional threshold. Presidential results maps The electoral map is important. Don Beyer, a Democratic congressman, has sponsored a bill mandating the nationwide adoption of multi-member districts and ranked-choice voting RCVa system used in Australia, Ireland and Sri Lanka.

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The Outlook: Immigration reform could be one of the most divisive issues of the th Congress. A series of close Trump wins in crucial states in Florida, Ohio and North Carolina meant that he was able to gain the number of electoral votes he needed.


Demographics were thought to be of importance here. With most votes already counted Trump looks to have secured the votes of at least three in five voters in 10 states while Clinton can only boast the same vote share in five. Key federal programs that assist counties in tackling poverty include the Social Services Block Grant and the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program. County Impact: Regardless of whether manmade or due a natural warming cycle, counties will need to adapt and mitigate for stronger hurricanes, extreme flooding, longer droughts, more severe wildfires and other natural disasters. According to research by David Wasserman of the Cook Political Report, an electoral-analysis site, even if Democrats won the national vote by six percentage points over a six-year cycle, they would probably still be a minority in both houses. Key differences remain in nutrition program funding and crop insurance subsidies, which must be resolved before sending a final bill to the president. Absent that wild card, though, most efforts at reform are aimed below the constitutional threshold. The founders wanted to ensure that laws would command broad consensual approval: two powerful houses of Congress and the president had to agree on them, the Supreme Court had to underwrite their constitutionality. Counties support better streamlining federal assistance programs to allow county agencies to work in tandem to produce results for individuals and communities. Counties have called for the WOTUS rule to be withdrawn and rewritten in consultation and collaboration with state and local governments. These events result in significant losses of life and property for communities and place substantial stress on our environment, public health, public safety, infrastructure and overall community vitality. They also have a tendency towards consensus of the sort the founders wanted. Recently, however, population density has become a strong proxy for political preferences.
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U.S. Election Analysis Insights for Counties From the Midterm Elections